Gov. Carney: ‘I’m praying for rain’

May 15, 2020

Gov. John Carney is using every tool he has available to navigate through this coronavirus.

Noting that Rehoboth Beach decided to reopen its beach and Boardwalk to the public starting this weekend, Carney said his goal continues to be preventing large gatherings of people where coronavirus contagion thrives. “I’m praying for rain,” he said, smiling but not joking. “That helps hold the crowds down. We want people to come back to our beautiful beaches, but only when we feel we can have them come safely.”

No one – including John Carney – will ever characterize him as a flashy glad-hander. But he is steady, solid as a rock, and has shown great leadership since Delaware recorded its first case of COVID-19 on March 11.

His messaging has remained clear, while trying to achieve that elusive Goldilocks goal of just right: “We have to balance requirements of a healthy community with a healthy economy. I don’t want to reopen a day too early, or a day too late.”

His administration has shown flexibility when that seemed sensible. Allowing farmers markets to reopen – in a responsible fashion – is a good example. The Department of Agriculture initially said no, fearing the social aspect presented too much risk. When farmers and market officials pushed back with responsible plans, the administration did the right thing.

Carney has been transparent, with weekly, open press briefings. He has met steadily with legislative leaders and business representatives. He listens to his experts, particularly Division of Public Health Director Dr. Karyl Rattay and Emergency Management Agency Director A.J. Schall. And he was not afraid to enlist the aid of the federal Centers for Disease Control when positive corona cases in central Sussex skyrocketed.

“We’re trying to be smart,” said Carney. “We’re really leaning into helping our most vulnerable population through extensive testing and tracking, so we can balance out the risks to our community and the economy by starting to reopen.”

John Carney is showing prudent leadership, which is exactly what this crisis demands.



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