Government officials need to listen to constituents

March 24, 2023

This letter was sent to Delaware legislators and Gov. John Carney, with a copy submitted to the Cape Gazette for publication.

Enough is enough! Delaware governmental officials need to listen to their constituents, and stop continuing to allow the wealthy to overrun the state.

Sussex County citizens have strongly expressed their opposition to the overbuilding in the county, and they have asked for the state to stop development. Builders have demolished acres of woodland that had trees over 300 years old, only to then haul in tons of soil and pile it up to put housing on it before it settles. Take a look at an aerial map of our wetlands. Root systems of long-established forests are our support structure. What was once water will become water again. We are all going to sink!

Our state doesn’t have voter initiative to pass laws. It is our lawmakers’ decision or vote. They can choose to vote or not vote, as well as be absent. What? Many of our representatives should have retired long ago, for most are stuck in their ways or relying on 20-year-old studies and retired professionals. They are resistant to accept change. Legalization of marijuana has repeatedly been up for vote, and the same old guard keeps resisting, with old excuses as to why they will not vote yes. Nearly all people are OK with it being legal. It’s time to let our fine state follow suit with our surrounding states. 

I am a native-born Delawarean who lives in Sussex County. I have been a businessperson for 24 years, and I am being smashed out by big corporations and traffic gridlock. When I moved here 30 years ago there were forests, farms and wildlife. Now there are big, commercial businesses and cookie-cutter, oversized homes that are not in my income range. We have a shortage of doctors, nurses and teachers, and we need  bigger schools and hospitals to accommodate them. Senior-living needs are increasing.

Please encourage your representatives and most importantly our governor, John Carney, to pass HB1 and HB2 this session.

Jacqueline Lacy
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