Governments overreaching with EV regs, lawn equipment bans

January 27, 2023

I have read recent letters discussing electric vehicles and see there are rather diverse thoughts on the idea. I think electric vehicles are a good addition to the current motor vehicle market. I think anyone who wants to purchase a gas vehicle or an electric vehicle should have a right to do so. I strongly disagree that the government, whether it be local, state or federal, has a right to dictate to me or anyone what type of vehicle I must buy. I feel people will choose the best option for them. If you desire to drive an electric vehicle and accept their current limitations, it is your choice. However, if I wish to purchase a gas-powered vehicle, that is my choice. I agree we have to do better when it comes to the environment, but I do not think mandating electric vehicles will solve the problem.  

On that note, I also have to mention Lewes and Rehoboth’s recent decisions to ban gas-powered equipment like lawn mowers, blowers, etc. I wonder if these cities have changed all their equipment over to battery-powered? Also, have they put solar panels on roofs of all municipality buildings? Have they also started to convert all city-owned vehicles to electric vehicles? I have not seen any mention of any of these items when I see news articles on budgets. I feel this is what I call virtue signaling on each city’s part. Look at me, I am banning these pollution-emitting items, but don’t expect me to follow. They will say it’s too expensive or not in the budget. 

If climate change is to be addressed, it needs to be addressed by government agencies that want residents to follow certain rules, but they don’t get a pass. Let’s see these cities step up and do the same thing they want their residents to do.

Steve Ferguson 


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