HiTouch Surface Solutions launched to fight COVID-19

Coastal Taproom owners open electrostatic disinfectant business
July 11, 2020

Local business owners Cassie and Lincoln Rogerson and Becky Riley launched HiTouch Surface Solutions in June, a venture born out of necessity and a strong commitment to community.

The business is a niche sanitation company exclusively offering electrostatic disinfectant treatments which kill and protect against harmful pathogens such as COVID-19. The service comes with a seal of sanitation which indicates to the public that an area has received treatment.

In March, the Rogersons, who own a bar in Rehoboth called Coastal Taproom, were looking forward to their first official summer season. As news broke of the new coronavirus, the husband-and-wife pair were watching helplessly as their community grappled with a threat on two fronts: their health and their livelihoods.

“Our crew at CT are more than staff – they are our friends and family. I’ve known many of them for years. It wasn’t just the frustration of knowing our doors were shut; it was painful to know our team members were being negatively impacted,” said Lincoln Rogerson, owner/operator of Coastal Taproom.

“We thought to ourselves, when we’re permitted to reopen, how are we going to make this place safe? How are we going to take care of our guests, our crew and their family, and have them feel comfortable coming in?” said Cassie Rogerson, owner of Coastal Taproom and a Realtor.

It was through that pursuit of protection for their bar patrons and staff that the Rogersons came across the sanitation process known as electrostatic disinfectant treatments. They were confident in their pre-COVID-19 cleaning protocols but knew that the new normal would demand new standards. They decided to procure the equipment needed to treat their establishment. After conversations with other local business owners, it was clear the community as a whole could benefit from this service, so the idea for HiTouch Surface Solutions was sparked.

While the immediate focus area has been Delaware beach restaurants and bars, HiTouch Surface Solutions offers electrostatic disinfectant treatments throughout Delaware for commercial, residential and public space. After treatments, a seal of sanitation is placed on the front entry, noting the service and its impact on killing viruses such as COVID-19. Several beach-area restaurant groups have signed on to the service for the full season.

“Our sanitation service is one mitigation step owners can take that does not require public cooperation to be successful,” said Becky Riley, co-founder of HiTouch. “Social distancing and wearing masks are crucial steps to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, those measures rely on an individual's choice to comply. Our service gives owners one more way to protect their space – leveling up their sanitation process – and help restore consumer confidence in public places.”

HiTouch Surface Solutions is currently taking on new clients and is available to treat after standard business hours. It currently operates in Delaware and will expand its service area throughout 2020.

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