HOB celebrates with pep rally

Cape High athletes share talents
February 13, 2018

 A group of Cape Henlopen High School students visited HOB Elementary School Jan. 24 for a pep rally aimed at rewarding students for positive behavior and positive academics throughout the school year. The event also helps create a sense of community and excitement within Cape Henlopen School District.

The rally allowed high school students to be leaders and demonstrate their skills and talents to the next generation of learners within the district. It also helped build relationships among high school and elementary school students.

Cape High was represented by the dance team, cheerleaders, drum line, basketball, wrestling and track teams, and Thor, the Cape Viking. HOB students watched and participated in a variety of events. Some lucky students were chosen to dance, cheer, play drums, run track relays with the track team, grapple with Viking wrestlers and shoot some buckets with the basketball team.

The exciting event gave HOB students ideas about what they may want to try when they get to high school.

“I thought the pep rally was really cool,” said fifth-grader Adrianna Dowell. “I actually think I want to do track now when I get to the high school.”

“It was amazing,” smiled fifth-grader Ellianna Windsor. “I liked the dancing and the cheerleading.”

Fifth-grader Katie Cerf said she liked the dancing and when the cheerleaders did their flips. “That was pretty cool,” she said.

“I liked the basketball the best,” fifth-grader Nae’ira Dunning said. “I want to play when I get to Cape.”

“I liked the track the best,” fifth-grader Zion Hood said. “You get to run, and I like to run a lot.” Fifth-grader Keymiah Harmon agreed track was a favorite. “I run in competition now,” Keymiah said.