HOB kindergartners present habitat research

May 1, 2024

H.O. Brittingham Elementary School kindergarteners in Nina Wilkinson’s Casey Reynolds’ classes recently presented their habitat research projects to family members, friends and school staff.

“Our students were so excited to share their final projects with their family and friends,” said Reynolds. “They all worked very hard on the dioramas and were thrilled to see their research come to life in the books that they each published with the research they conducted.”

Students in Wilkinson’s class created a trifold presentation board, along with a 3D diorama, displaying the habitat they researched. “Students chose a habitat of interest, and then took time to read, research and write about it,” said Wilkinson. “Their projects displayed information such as unique facts, types of animals found in various habitats, weather, types of vegetation and plants that grow in that area, and the food chain cycle.”

Some of the habitats that students chose to research included the savanna, rainforest, desert and ocean. “Students were able to create the diorama portion of the project at home with their families,” said Wilkinson. “This really helped them build the connection between home and school, and they were very excited to be able to share that experience with their families.”

“Inviting families into the school to see the hard work their child has put into a project is something we are grateful we get to do. And we all enjoy seeing the students and parents excited for that opportunity as well,” said Reynolds.


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