House moved to make way for new Nassau road

Early stages of Minos Conaway Road project underway
November 17, 2023

A house across from Old World Breads has been moved to make way for a new road under the Nassau Bridge connecting New Road/Nassau Road with Janice Road. A warehouse on the property was recently demolished.

Charles “C.R.” McLeod, Delaware Department of Transportation Director of Community Relations, said the state purchased the property earlier this year. 

“The parcel is part of our upcoming Minos Conaway project, and we closed on the acquisition earlier this year,” he said. “A private party has purchased the house and is relocating it to a new site close by. DelDOT is not paying for the relocation, however.”

The new road is one piece of a larger project in the Nassau area that will see major changes on both sides of Route 1 north of Five Points.

When complete, there will be roundabouts at the intersection of New Road and Nassau Road, and the intersection of extended New Road and Janice Road near the Lewes Senior Activity Center. The project includes service roads on either side of Route 1 north and south of Nassau Bridge. A trailhead is also planned off the southbound lanes of Route 1 near the Lewes senior center.

Construction is expected to begin in summer 2024. A spring 2027 completion date is anticipated. 

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