Humane Animal Partners recognized by Cape school district

Sussex Consortium vocational students get work training, puppy fix through partnership
May 14, 2024

Cape district leaders recognized Humane Animal Partners as a Community Champion at the April 25 school board meeting.

Board member Jason Bradley said the Sussex Consortium vocational program has formed a meaningful partnership with Humane Animal Partners over the past several years. 

“Within the welcoming confines of HAP, our students engage with animals up for adoption in a structured environment,” Bradley said. “When students and staff leave school to work at HAP, they affectionately refer to it as ‘going to get their puppy fix.’" 

At Humane Animal Partners, students have a wide array of responsibilities, including animal care, assisting with laundry, washing dishes and dog walking. The highlight of the day for both students and staff is at the end of the shift when they have the opportunity to spend quality time with the animals, Bradley said.

Students enjoy playing with the dogs, aiding in their socialization or venturing into the cat room for playful interactions with the cats and kittens, Bradley said.

“We all know the benefits of working with animals are numerous, ranging from alleviating loneliness and depression to fostering a profound sense of connection and companionship,” Bradley said. “Because of these benefits, HAP continues to be one of our students’ favorite vocational sites.” 

Over the years, staff and students have even adopted animals that they have met during their time at HAP, Bradley said.

“We are very grateful to Humane Animal Partners,” Bradley said. “The genuine smiles on our students’ and staffs’ faces during their time at HAP serve as undeniable testament to the positive impact of this partnership.”


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