I felt safe having my daughter at Beebe

August 18, 2020

When Bridget and Anthony Zambito came into Beebe Healthcare to have their first child, a daughter, they were excited about their new life together.

Bridget was overdue, so she arrived May 22 to be induced in Beebe’s Labor & Delivery Unit.

“I work in a pharmacy, so I am always worried about being exposed to COVID-19. The process at Beebe was perfect. I was screened for any symptoms and everyone followed safety protocols. I felt completely safe and confident in delivering my baby,” she said.

After her daughter was born, Bridget was happy to find that she latched on immediately. Even though her daughter had a tongue-tie, which was later corrected, she was able to breastfeed.

“Some of my friends had issues with breastfeeding, so I knew it was possible, but we felt like it was all going well at the hospital,” she said. “The team was really great, and when I was discharged, I was given information about Julie Oswald, the lactation support consultant.”

Bridget, Anthony, and their new daughter headed to their home in Lewes feeling positive and grateful. Four days later, Bridget noticed she and the baby were having more and more difficulty getting a good latch during breastfeeding.

“I was using a shield to assist my daughter in getting a good latch, but I knew it wasn’t ideal. Yet, every time I tried to breastfeed without it, we both would get frustrated,” she said. “So I called Julie and she set up a Zoom call. “The first thing Julie asked me on the call was, ‘Tell me how you are feeling.’ That was amazing to me. It just made me feel supported and that I was cared for, too.”

Julie then walked Bridget through several positioning options to help the baby latch on better. She offered tips and watched while Bridget worked through the various suggestions. Bridget’s daughter just had her two-month appointment, and she weighs 11 pounds.

“She is doing great! I feel so grateful to Julie and the entire Beebe team for continuing to support me. My daughter is thriving and we are still breastfeeding,” she said. “I am so happy I was able to have a successful birthing and breastfeeding experience for my first child.”

Beebe is the first hospital in Delaware to earn the designation of a Baby-Friendly Hospital, and that designation was confirmed again during recertification in summer 2019. Beebe is also Safe Sleep Certified and was named a Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care.

Julie Oswald, BSN, RN, IBCLC, is a lactation consultant with Beebe. Every new mom receives both in-hospital and after-discharge lactation support.

“I am passionate about supporting moms. Happy moms means happy and healthy babies. It is important that we connect with new moms in the hospital and continue providing care even when they go home,” Oswald said. “Even during this time of COVID-19, we continue to offer breastfeeding support and prenatal breastfeeding classes for moms and partners through secure videoconferencing technology. We are doing what we can to provide education and keep our new parents and parents-to-be safe during this time.”

To learn more about virtual classes or support groups, call 302-645-3577. To learn more about Labor & Delivery at Beebe, go to:

To express her gratitude for the excellent care she received at Beebe, Bridget shares her story about the total support and care available to new moms at Beebe.

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