Incyte Corp. donates $50,000 toward breast cancer patient financial assistance

September 4, 2017

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition Inc. announced the receipt of a $50,000 grant from Incyte Corp., a Delaware-based biopharmaceutical company. The funds from the Incyte Charitable Giving Foundation will augment the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition's Financial Assistance Fund, which provides emergency financial relief to any breast cancer patient in Delaware who is undergoing medical treatment and can demonstrate financial need.

With increasing healthcare costs and higher deductibles and co-pays, there has been a dramatic increase in need for those who are struggling to pay medical costs. Often, patients undergoing breast cancer treatment experience temporary loss of income, and it becomes difficult to cover the cost of basic living needs.

With this funding, the coalition will provide resources to ensure patients will be able to focus on their treatment without financial worry. This fund will help patients with expenses associated with a breast cancer diagnosis that aren't covered by insurance. Many survivors who have previously contacted the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition have experienced dire financial struggles on top of their diagnosis including homelessness, lack of transportation and more.

The funds can be used for a wide variety of emergency purposes including healthcare costs such as deductibles/co-pays, medications, treatments and transportation; comfort supplies such as prosthesis, bras, wigs and compression sleeves; basic human needs like groceries and rent/mortgage; and/or quality-of-life purchases such as air conditioners and mattresses/bedding.

Breast cancer patients living anywhere in Delaware may qualify for the financial assistance program funded by Incyte. Those who seek more information or wish to apply can contact Lois Wilkinson at 302-672-6435 or