Intuition as the sixth sense topic in Rehoboth May 23

May 17, 2017

Intuition is an innate skill everyone possesses. It is one’s ability to understand things without using conscious reasoning. As babies, it is one’s ability to instinctually respond to environments and survive. As adults, it is often how people respond to a life or death situation when there is no time to consciously reason what is happening.

Intuition is the sixth sense. Yet, many begin shutting this sense down as they age. They become more focused on using the critical thinking parts of the brain rather than enhancing the abilities found in the senses. Intuition is a skill of paying attention to the data constantly being presented through sense of smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing. Catrina Stiller, a licensed counselor and healer from Quakertown Wellness Center, likens some individuals’ natural ability of intuition to that of those who naturally excel at math, sports, music or art. Some people come by it naturally, but all of can learn more about it and enhance the ability to use it.

Learning to attend to the sixth sense more regularly and allowing it to become a natural part of the decision-making process permits people to make quick decisions more easily. It encourages people to get into the flow of life rather than struggling against it like salmon swimming upstream.

Stiller is hosting a free workshop to help jumpstart intuitive training sessions. The workshop will include a discussion on intuition, a brief intuitive demonstration and interactive exercises Tuesday, May 23, at the Rehoboth Beach Yoga Studio, 20245 Bay Vista Road, 101, Rehoboth Beach, from 6 to 8 p.m. Preregistration is required and can be done by visiting or calling Catrina at 917-524-7803.

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