It’s Bennett and Sharp in Rehoboth Beach’s 2021 election

Byrne and Macha finish third and fourth; winners will be sworn in Friday, Sept. 17
August 14, 2021

Mary A. ‘Toni’ Sharp and Tim Bennett have won the 2021 election in Rehoboth Beach.

Sharp was the high vote-getter with 622 votes. Bennett received 621 votes. Finishing in third was Richard Byrne, with 559 votes. Rachel Macha finished fourth with 491 votes.

A total of 1,190 votes were cast in the election, with 618 the day of and 572 absentee. There were 1,703 registered voters.

Sharp and Bennett will be sworn into office at the regular commissioners meeting Friday, Sept. 17. The length of the term is three years.

Sitting Commissioner Pat Coluzzi did not run for re-election. See more in the Tuesday, Aug. 17 edition of the Cape Gazette.

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