Kuhns has clean record of integrity 

July 30, 2020

I have been a full-time resident for 19  years in Rehoboth Beach.  I watched the town under the 27-year term of Mayor Cooper and the commissioners who have served multiple terms, and have been concerned with the direction of the city.  Consequently, I have been supporting Paul Kuhns and commissioners who have brought fresh voices, ideas and results to our town - and I have not been disappointed. 

Under Mayor Kuhns, I have seen many improvements in our city, real results that are helping our city best serve our residents, part-time residents, and businesses.  For example: 

• Despite objections from long-serving commissioners, live-streaming of city meetings is now available. 

• There is now a five-year capital plan in place and being executed.  I see our streets being paved, pedestrian safety improving, stormwater improvements, and new signage that makes it easier to find landmarks and parking across our town. 

• The overbudget City Hall was completed with no more overruns, and the ocean outfall project was completed under budget. 

• After a decade, the Grove city canal access point project is underway, paid for primarily by private entities and grants. 

Mayor Kuhns is not perfect, and he has acknowledged this and committed to improving in many areas.  He has already made good on this commitment by listening to concerns on recent FAR proposals and delaying voting to give residents a chance to provide more input. 

Please join me in voting for Mayor Kuhns Aug. 8 or by absentee voting - we need those who have a clean record of integrity and demonstrated results. 

Mary Ann Bruno 
Rehoboth Beach
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