Lagree confronts Rehoboth’s challenges

July 31, 2020

In March 2020, the Rehoboth Beach financial future looked bright. We anticipated a thriving economy and passed the largest budget in our history.

Now, four months later, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed that. As revenues plunge, it has become obvious that we are facing difficult financial challenges.

Our first solution should be to curtail spending. Spending cuts should be widespread, and they should start at the top. We must do it.

Our recent 50 percent property tax increase impacted the home owner most heavily. Our July water and sewer bills brought increases which, for the median utility customer, reached 100 percent.

We cannot dig our way out of this financial hole on the backs of our small businesses and homeowners. We must maximize revenue by concentrating on our visitors. We must listen to the recommendations of our restaurant owners and shop owners. They know how to maximize revenue. It is time to listen. We must listen to the chamber of commerce. They have the data and can tell us how we’re doing. Main Street must continue to apprise the sentiment at ground level and make recommendations.

Increasing taxes and rates is not the answer.

If elected, I will vote against property tax increases.

I will vote against utility rate increases.

I will also vote against giving up control of our ocean outfall.

Our citizens have overwhelmingly and consistently expressed concern about our environment and avoiding pollution of our resources and assets. That includes our wastewater discharge into the ocean. We must continue to keep it pristine. We must not lose control.


Jay Lagree
candidate for commissioner
Rehoboth Beach

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