Lefty’s swings into axe throwing Nov. 18

November 11, 2020

Lefty’s Alley & Eats in Lewes will open its new axe-throwing suite Wednesday, Nov. 18.

The Lefty’s team hopes to capitalize on this growing national trend that is captivating corporate team building groups, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and even competitive axe throwing leagues.

The new private axe-throwing suite has two targets with ample seating and space for up to 12. Lefty’s full restaurant and bar menu is available, along with party platters. The space is available through advance reservation only, and requires a minimum of eight players in a group.

Every group is assigned a throwing coach for their entire session to teach all of the ins and outs of axe throwing, including safety, scoring, throwing and competition rules. Lefty’s “axe-perts” are always on hand for the guests’ safety and enjoyment.

“It’s not just come and throw an axe. It’s a structured training and games,” said Gary Foley, Lefty’s general manager “It’s mentally challenging as well.” Although, he said, “It’s not hugely challenging physically. Axe throwing can be done by anyone of any size. It’s modern-day bowling. Like darts, but on steroids."

When tossed correctly, the axe spins in full rotations, registering in the pine target with a comforting thwack. Tossed wrong, the metal clanks against the wall and the wooden floor. Axe throwing is about form, technique and muscle memory, not strength. In that regard, if nothing else, it’s a lot like golf.

"It's funny because the people that get it the most are the ones who listen closely. That tends to be females," Foley said. "Guys put too much macho-ness into the throw and think they can do it on their own terms."

No flannel shirts are required to be one of Lefty’s lumberjaxe, but closed-toe shoes are a must. For more information for friends and foes who would like to channel their inner warriors, go to or call 302-864-6026.



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