Letter: Conaway is right-Industrial parks are needed

December 4, 2018

I want to second Joe Conaway’s suggestions as to what is needed to boost economic development in Sussex County. Unfortunately, it can take two years to get all the approvals needed to even start construction of a building for new, or expanding industry. Companies don’t have that kind of time to wait.

Creating an industrial park with zoning and traffic concerns already answered and utilities already in place dramatically shortens start up times. This worked at the Sussex County Industrial Park at the airport, and in similar industrial parks in Milford, Dover and Middletown.

While an upfront expenditure from county government is needed, the cost will be recovered by the sale of building lots, and the increased tax base. As Mr. Conaway stated, this is an excellent investment of surplus county funds. It is likely other funds could be obtained from the USDA Rural Development Fund, the state Prosperity Partnership, and possibly by utility companies seeking future business.

The alternative is to continue relying on the growth of low-wage jobs, and the continued export of our children, and grandchildren, to other more prosperous areas.

David T. Stevenson
policy director, Caesar Rodney Institute

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