Letter: If only they would choose to see

February 12, 2019

Don Flood’s recent Letter titled: “To Our Federal Delegation: Stand Firm,” prompts me to say, There are None So Blind as Those Who do Not Want to See. It seems to be a growing affliction among our citizenry. 
It’s beyond comprehension that anyone can be so blinded by hate and partisanship that they see the situation on our Mexican border as a “manufactured crisis” and not the real security threat it poses to our country. Perhaps, in part, because our immigration policy has been impotent for so long, it became the comfortable status quo for so many former presidents and members of Congress. Past Republican presidents and congressional leaders are as complicit as are the Democrats in bringing us to the illegal immigration crisis and security threat unfolding on our southern border.
The Democrats have encouraged it and the Republicans have ignored it. Why? Because they are politicians. And more specifically, because we no longer have two major political parties. The Republicans and Democrats have amalgamated into the - To Hell with Our Constituents Party.
The president, members of the House and Senate have one pre-eminent responsibility. Above all else, it is to protect and defend our country from any threat to the well-being of all Americans. But, on the issue of illegal immigration and border security, prior presidents and congresses have inexcusably failed in their duty and moral imperative to do so.  Not being a politician, being neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and not bound by party loyalty or influence, President Trump is free to call them out and act for the good of the country, not for the advantage of a political party. He should be commended - not slammed for this effort.
What Mr. Flood has so conveniently failed to mention is the Secure Fence Act of 2006, called for construction of 700 miles of fencing and enhanced surveillance technology. Sen. Chuck Schumer and then-senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were among a bipartisan majority that voted in favor of the bill, and it was signed into law by President George W. Bush. Additionally, all three senators supported the 2013 Senate immigration overhaul that passed the Senate, it too called for tougher border security including some additional fencing.
So, to those, including Mr. Flood, who would have us believe that our dangerous situation on the Mexican border is a manufactured crisis, I again will say,

There Are None So Blind as Those Who Do Not Want to See. The hypocrisy inherent in this is beyond belief. If they get their way, I can only say, may they live long enough to suffer the consequences of what America will become.

Steve Hyle


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