Letter: Lopez:  Common sense gun votes 

November 2, 2018

Locally we are fortunate to have a state senator in Ernie Lopez who speaks with a clear, responsible voice on some of the most challenging issues of our day.  While Lopez’s voting record reflects a thoughtfulness sorely lacking amongst many in public office, it has been troubling to see his balanced record on firearms be hijacked locally by the strident, angry and misleading advocates in the gun-control community.  Needless to say, Lopez’s votes to protect our children and keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not have them speaks for itself:

•  In 2014, Senator Lopez voted for the Omnibus School Safety Act.

• In 2013, Senator Lopez voted for Universal Criminal Background Checks.

• In 2015, Senator Lopez voted for legislation protecting victims of dating and domestic violence by preventing a domestic abuser’s access to firearms. 

• In 2018, Senator Lopez co-sponsored a bill banning bump stocks and another bill that increases the penalty for those convicted of “straw purchases.”  

• In 2018, Senator Lopez was an early co-sponsor of the Beau Biden Gun Violence Prevention Act along with two other pieces of legislation known as “Red Flag” bills, one of which creates a court order that temporarily restricts a person’s access to firearms when they pose a risk of harming themselves or others.

After the passage of the Red Flag bills, Sara Stowens, volunteer leader with the Delaware Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, released the following statement:

“We are grateful to our lawmakers who have responded to calls for common-sense gun policies from Delawareans throughout the state. We are thrilled Delaware will soon join a list of states who have passed this life-saving legislation after the Parkland tragedy. Delaware continues to be a model for other states by putting gun safety first.”

As opposed to some recent letters to the editor of this paper, which smear, lie and fail to tell the real story, I felt it important to share these facts as to Senator Lopez’s voting record prior to Election Day.  His record reflects a balanced and sustained commitment to public safety and common-sense firearms legislation. As his signs say, he is “our senator,” and while no one should expect to agree 100 percent of the time, a true account demonstrating his commitment to safety was important for me to share, not just as someone who supports him, but as a friend who looks forward to once again calling him “our senator.”   

Rob Burton
Rehoboth Beach

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