Letter: Lopez: Strong and positive at debate

October 27, 2018

I had the opportunity to attend the recent debate held at the Lewes Public Library hosted by the League of Women Voters of Sussex County.  Firstly, I’d like to thank the League of Women Voters for a meaningful program that was fair and well done with all candidates following the rules, and for the most part, being respectful toward one another. 

It was very clear during the course of the debate the significant difference in style and substance between state Sen. Ernie Lopez and former Sussex County Administrator David Baker. 

While Baker spent the majority of his allotted time speaking about what he wished to do and complaining about all the things he felt were wrong in our area, Sen. Lopez provided a long and detailed list of his bipartisan legislative accomplishments, and with a great deal of respect, reminded the audience that the majority of the challenges currently being faced locally, such as rampant overdevelopment, were challenges not addressed by past leaders, including Mr. Baker, during his 30-year career in Sussex County government.  

Needless to say, it was disappointing and surprising to see Mr. Baker use his five-minute closing remarks, not to discuss his plans for the future, but to attack Sen. Lopez. 

As someone who believes in collegiality, it was reassuring to see Sen. Lopez take the hits in stride as he used his closing remarks not only to respectfully defend himself and his record, but speak of his continued push for bipartisanship and working toward meaningful improvements for our area.

As Lopez said during his uplifting closing remarks, “Elections are about the future, not about the past.”  In this Senate election, the contrast was clear.  Thankfully, here in the Cape Region, we already have a state senator in Ernie Lopez who is focused on our future and he has earned my vote once again this coming Election Day, Nov. 6.

Steve Walfred

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