Lewes documentary to premiere Aug. 26 in Canalfront Park

August 4, 2022

Lewes resident Ric Moore has teamed up with award-winning, independent filmmaker Brad Mays to produce a documentary titled “3 Degrees of Connection.”

The film’s premiere is set for dusk, after 8 p.m., Friday, Aug. 26, in Lewes Canalfront Park.

As timely as it is prophetic, this feature-length film tells the powerful story of historic Lewes as it grapples to reconcile its storied past with its shifting present at a time when escalating climate change portends an uncertain future.

Once among the largest seafood ports in America, with a vibrantly diverse community, Lewes struggled to survive after its thriving maritime industry collapsed under the impacts of overfishing and government regulation. Forced to adapt in the years that followed, the First Town in the First State found itself riding the wave of two major coastal trends – affluent retiree migration and tourism. These trends are feeding what many see as unfettered development and highly inflated real estate prices, which continue to displace longtime community residents, cause serious damage to the environment, destabilize infrastructure and alter the very essence of hometown life. Combined, these trends threaten coastal resilience and chart a precarious course for the future.

It’s a cautionary tale vividly told through the eyes of the town’s residents and business owners, educators and elected officials, both old-timers and newcomers. All explore some aspect of the town’s past, present and future.

Moore said, “Thanks to their stories and Brad’s filmmaking skills, this documentary captures our town’s fascinating history, while also revealing the many challenges that put communities like Lewes at great risk of losing their values and their natural resources to gentrification and unsustainable growth. It leaves no doubt that climate disruption is a multidimensional issue that will require multifaceted strategies if we are to forestall what is most likely the inevitable outcome.”

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