Lewes holds public hearings on two proposals

Virden subdivision and BoA appeals on the agenda
August 11, 2023

The Lewes Mayor and City Council heard public comment on two proposals Aug. 7.

The panel heard a presentation on the proposed Virden Subdivision. The development would be five single-family homes with access to Kings Highway, south of the Lewes Public Library. Two residents spoke in favor of the subdivision and on behalf of the Virden family, which owns the land.  

Board of adjustment Chair Richard Grier-Reynolds also addressed mayor and city council on proposed changes to the zoning code aimed at creating what he calls a clean process for appeals to the board. The change would require owners of adjacent properties to be notified of appeals. It would add a fourth layer of notification required 15 days prior to a public hearing. The code change would also make it clear that appeals to the board can only come from the historic preservation architectural review commissions and not other city commissions. There were no public comments on the proposed changes.

Mayor and city council is expected to vote on both measures at its meeting Monday, Aug. 14. 


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