Lewes residents request reserved parking

Council determines lack of off-street parking a citywide issue
August 17, 2021

With Lewes becoming busier every year, city officials are considering ways to create on-street parking for residents who do not have a garage or driveway.

Nearly a dozen Lewes Beach property owners recently submitted a request to the city for reserved on-street spaces. The topic was discussed at mayor and city council’s Aug. 9 meeting, and it was quickly determined the issue was not limited to Lewes Beach.

“You have the same issue on Market, Mulberry and others,” said Councilwoman Carolyn Jones. “They can’t go out to dinner and [find a space] when they come back.”

Mayor Ted Becker said the city has in the past made an exception for full-time residents over 75 years of age. Disabled residents may request a handicap space be added in front of their home, City Manager Ann Marie Townshend said.

Becker agreed that the issue is not limited to Lewes Beach.

“We have city code that says any new construction must provide at least two off-street parking spaces, but many of these houses predate the 20th century even,” he said. “Things have changed a lot. While I do respect the request here, I do have a concern that this is not something we can look at so limitedly as just considering the beach.”

The most recent request included some part-time residents who have owned property for a long time. Councilman Khalil Saliba said a person’s status as a full- or part-time resident shouldn’t matter when the city is considering a request such as this.

Mayor and city council did not make any decisions on the issue at its Aug. 9 meeting and will continue to work on the matter. Becker suggested the discussion could be married with the development of parking permits, which Townshend will begin to work on this fall.


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