Lewes spruces up Zwaanendael Park for the holidays

Sussex Tree delivers Lewes’ Christmas Tree
November 18, 2022

Pat and Pat Henry used to enjoy spending time on their second floor watching the sun set. That was up until about five years ago, when the Norway spruce in their backyard became so tall they could no longer enjoy the cornucopia of dusk colors. Turns out a tree too big for their yard was just the right size for the City of Lewes, which is in need of a large Christmas tree every holiday season.

Sussex Tree owner Jeff Meredith informed Lewes Parks and Marina Administrator Janet Reeves that the couple was interested in a removal and that it might fit the city’s needs. Fortunately, the Henrys were the only family looking to donate a tree, and so what was once a view blocker will now become a frequently viewed attraction. To top it off, Sussex Tree performs the removal free of charge, including grinding down the stump.

Reeves noted that the tree selected is much bigger than the blue spruce that nestled into Zwaanendael Park last year. While not only tall, the base of the tree is also substantially large. Luckily for those who cannot resist touching, the needles on a Norway spruce are much softer than those of blue spruces. 

Skillful arborists quickly removed the tree, attaching the top to a crane while chainsawing the bottom to release it from its earthly roots. The complexity occurred when Sussex Tree employees placed the tree on the transport bed and saw just how sprawling the behemoth was. Meticulously, they secured the tree and tied up the branches in a manner that limited their width. Grant Barcus, who Reeves said did an excellent job last year, was the lucky driver tasked with navigating the giant to its holiday home. One co-worker told him just to remember it’s a square peg in a round hole.

Barcus carefully made his way from 23 Wauwinet Court, down Old Landing Road, onto Coastal Highway. Accompanied by a motorcade of sorts, the tree was transported to the Lewes in Bloom Gateway Garden before being joined by Lewes Police Department vehicles, which escorted the tree on the final stretch. Finally arriving at Zwaanendael Park, Sussex Tree employees worked jointly with Lewes maintenance workers to put up the tree.

Kenny Morris led his maintenance team as they wrapped various cords to properly keep the tree in place and standing upright. 


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