Lewes women adorn meters with crocheted sleeves

Initiative raises awareness of Lyme disease
June 5, 2021

A group of women taking a knitting and crocheting class at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has created 32 yarn sleeves that fit snugly on parking meter poles in downtown Lewes. 

Attached to the sleeves are small laminated cards with information about deer ticks and Lyme disease, and a QR code directing people to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website on the topic. 

“Every year, the Osher Craft Circle has done a service project with our knitting and crocheting,” said organizer Diana Beebe. “Before the pandemic descended upon us, we had approached the City of Lewes about the idea of creating a yarn bomb for the parking meters to raise awareness about Lyme disease. The city was enthusiastic, but COVID put a temporary hold on the idea. Just not the right time.”

So, with the pandemic retreating, about 16 women diligently worked at 5 a.m., June 1, to attach the sleeves to meters throughout downtown, primarily on Second Street. 

Those who helped include: Diana Beebe, Karen McKinnon, Johanna Barbati, Patty Bennett, Trudie Thompson, Diana Pollisino, Madeleine Nichols, Pat Makos, Denise Bridgens, Daniela Lindsjo, Cynthia Myers, Sue Fegan, Rita Martinez, Pam Meador, Denise Poslusny and Sally Powell. The women comprised students of the Osher class along with some friends and neighbors. 

The sleeves are intended to remain in place for the summer season.


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