Love Creek students receive Lewes fire prevention awards

February 7, 2019

The Lewes Fire Department presented fire prevention and essay contest awards Jan. 11 to Love Creek Elementary School students.

In the back are (l-r) Lewes Fire Department volunteers Chubby Joseph, Bob Nicholson, Love Creek Principal Lisa Morris, Caddie Joseph, Brigid Fresca, Olga Fitch, Stephanie Talino and Vince Talino.

In the middle are (l-r) Sunder Copes, third-grade poster contest, second place; Kellan Adams, third-grade poster contest, third place; Shota Sano, fourth-grade essay contest, second place; Sienna Smith, fourth-grade essay contest, first place; Brooke Terhune, fifth-grade essay contest, first place and third place in the county contest; Paige Thomas, third-grade poster contest, first place; Regan Best, fifth-grade essay contest, second place and Cali Keene, fifth-grade essay contest, third place.

Seated are (l-r) Declan Durand, first-grade poster contest, second place; William Morales-Leon, first-grade poster contest, first place; Claire Cunningham, kindergarten poster contest, first place; Colin Marinucci, kindergarten poster contest, second place; Gia Tatulli, kindergarten poster contest, third place; Addison Young, second-grade poster contest, first place; Kayla Billman, second-grade poster contest, second place; Bree Terhune, second-grade poster contest, third place; and Neil Shenoy, first-grade poster contest, third place. RON MACARTHUR PHOTO


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