Lovett adds old YWCA building to his Rehoboth diorama

August 1, 2020

A scale model of the YWCA Building, which had been located on the north side of Rehoboth Avenue at the Boardwalk in 1910, has been received by the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society from model builder Paul Lovett and has been positioned on his diorama of Rehoboth Avenue.  In 1910, the Baltimore YWCA owned the building on the north side of Rehoboth Avenue at the Boardwalk where Dolle’s is today. 

The structure was originally built by the R. T. Waters family in the 1870s or 1880s.  

The Waters were from Baltimore and periodically held society parties at their home in Rehoboth.  In 1905 the Waters transitioned ownership of the structure to the Baltimore YWCA.

To protect it from storms, it was subsequently moved from its beachfront position back along Rehoboth Avenue onto a pasture that was just behind the house.  One peak-roof part of that house still exists and houses the South Beach Shop on Rehoboth Avenue.

The diorama is a multi-year project to re-create Rehoboth Avenue during the railroad era.  Except for one small building group, the diorama is now complete from First Street to the Boardwalk. 

The incredible beach scene is already in place.  For more information, contact

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