Meet and Mingle with Diane Hanson set July 12 in Bethany

July 10, 2019

Bethany Beach Books, 99 Garfield Parkway, will host a Meet and Mingle event from 7 to 9 p.m., Friday, July 12, with local author Diane Hanson and two others, Amy Norcross and Brenda Shaeffer.

Hanson is the author of “Management Unleashed: Leadership Lessons From My Dog.” In the book, Marti is a young manager learning to lead her team effectively in today's fast-paced, rapidly changing environment. Partly autobiographical, partly fiction, this fable provides insights to help better understand behavior.

Throughout her leadership career, Hanson noted similarities in motivation and performance outcomes working with team members, children and dogs; she shares those insights in her book. A portion of book sales benefit the Brandywine Valley SPCA. For more information, contact Hanson at 610-322-8527.

Also appearing with her book, “Hope & Maggie,” is author Amy Norcross. Hope's once-doting husband, Harry, swept her off her feet 20 years ago. But with her marriage now deteriorating, Hope finds the excitement she craves in steamy one-night stands. Why does her marriage take a back seat to her lust? And what will happen if Harry finds out?

Maggie is a self-proclaimed bookworm and wine lover. She is also a happily single woman who, because of a life-changing assault in college, prefers an uncomplicated life. When Maggie reluctantly enters a relationship with Brian, a sexy college crush, she gradually uncovers many secrets. Soon, her simple life is cluttered with infidelity and heartbreak.

“Aligned for Success” by Brenda Shaeffer is the third book to be presented July 12. How to reach fitness goals, prevent pain and injury, and achieve optimal performance in work, sports, and life are the topics.

Pain is a byproduct of busy, active lives, but it doesn’t have to be a constant and hindering presence. Whether daily activity consists of caring for children or training for marathons, Dr. Brenda Shaeffer’s program will help find the balance needed to rethink, recognize, and reset the body. Her three-step method is easy to follow, with simple moves and exercises to help readers reach optimal performance.

Shaeffer covers some common myths in physical fitness training, and how changes in nutrition and sports programs in the past few decades have at times created a higher risk of injury and long-term health issues. Shaeffer helps navigate the confusing and conflicting chatter about health and fitness.

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