Megan Anderson Physical Therapy relaunches in Lewes

Individualized care helps women feel at home in their bodies
January 17, 2023

Patients in Lewes can now benefit from a comprehensive, women-only physical therapy practice focused on intuitive, individualized care.

Megan Anderson Physical Therapy has rebranded itself this past year with a renewed focus on helping women uncover the deeper connections to their physical pain.

“So often, women don’t make time for themselves. They are so focused on others that slowing down to nurture and care for their own physical concerns gets put on the back burner,” said Anderson. “Before they know it, pain can become something that limits them from living the life they crave.”

Her practice focuses on holistic, mind-body solutions for pain while supporting women as they reclaim their fullest life. She helps patients with issues including endometriosis, prolapse, diastasis recti, postpartum pelvic floor concerns, sciatica and piriformis syndromes, and pain-free pregnancy support.

Anderson began her career as an orthopedic physical therapist in Seattle in 2009 after graduating from Indiana University with her doctorate in physical therapy and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

Anderson’s interest in pelvic health developed after she struggled with pelvic pain. She was looking for answers, and a colleague suggested coursework by Herman and Wallace – the premier pelvic health physical therapy education group at the time. From the first course, she was hooked, and she has continued expanding her knowledge, learning from some of the best in the specialty.

She launched her practice, Megan Anderson Physical Therapy, in 2016. She has helped empower hundreds of patients, most of whom are women, in their health journey. A regular attendee of top specialty and physical therapy conferences, she is always learning and growing in the evolving world of pelvic health physical therapy.

“As both a patient and a provider, I have great empathy and understanding of what my patients are going through,” Anderson said. “I work to support patients both in therapy and in meeting them where they are to discuss the often-sensitive issues they are seeking help for.”

Along the way, Anderson has added yoga teacher, Pilates instructor and mindfulness educator certifications. She loves to bring these elements into her treatment sessions and even teaches an online movement group for pain management and better sleep.

Anderson is currently accepting new patients at her Lewes office.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, go to  or call 317-446-8047.


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