Mill Pond Garden: winter blooms rich with color

February 18, 2020

On a warm February day, Michael Zajic invited the public for a first-time winter tour of Mill Pond Garden. 

The goal was to show attendees the possibilities for a colorful winter garden, evergreens are not the only option. Consier deciduous trees with colorful bark, such as a Coral Bark Maple tree. Many flowers bloom exclusively in winter, such as hellebores and paperbush. Berry-producing bushes and trees are also good choices.  

Zajic is quick to offer tips and guidance on plant selection for any time of the year. “Here is a chance to see just what you might do to add enjoyment and interest to a gray winter garden,” he said.  

“Mill Pond Garden’s collections have increased in winter appeal with more Camellias, hellebores, evergreens, berried and barked plants, and winter-flowering bulbs, as well as winter annuals, so that the goal of a year-round flowering garden is now here,” Zajic said. Weather permitting, Mill Pond Garden will send out an invitation soon for a midwinter Garden Open Day to showcase how beautiful and full of interest and color a winter garden can be here in the Cape Region, he said.

Because of the residential location of the garden, Zajic asks that those interested go to to subscribe to the newsletter and reserve a spot to view the garden.