Milton art projects fill life with beauty

November 21, 2023

The Milton Economic Development Committee recently said goodbye to a beautiful display of faux bois pieces by Milton artist Allen Sangree, which had been on display in Mill Park for the past few months. This was the third display of artwork sponsored by the committee over the past year, and we are so grateful to the artists who made these exhibitions possible. Each artist – or group of artists – brought forth their own special artistic talents and created very different works of art that enlivened the park in very different ways.

Our inaugural display showcased the large-scale wood sculptures of Dr. Roy Fitzgerald. The sculptures’ modern abstract forms contrasted beautifully with the traditional realistic form of the park’s beloved John Milton statue and gave visitors another way and additional reasons to stop and enjoy the park. A subsequent display of 12 murals with the theme of “Welcome” came next. With 12 different pieces – four of which were completed by groups of students from local schools – the theme was explored in a host of ways. Several of them celebrated the beauties, charms, history, and quirks of the town. With so many approaches and even more details to explore, visitors had ample reason to extend their visits and multiple reasons to feel welcomed. And then there were the beautiful Allen Sangree faux bois pieces. Made from cement and sculpted to look like wood with intricate lifelike detail, these pieces invited people to slow down to marvel at human ingenuity and talent and to be reminded of the amazing details found in nature.

Art makes life better. It makes us slow down and look at things differently. It can fill our hearts with beauty, or it can surprise and challenge us. And, yes, it can bring communities together and act as a catalyst for economic development (all those art lovers need a place to eat or enjoy a glass of wine after their visit). On behalf of everyone in Milton and all the lucky visitors who got to see their art, we’d like to thank all the artists who made the past year of art in the park possible: Dr. Roy Fitzgerald, Ali Selders, Zane Clark, Fiona Fisher, Robin Rion Starr, Miriam Tepaz Costillo, Pepper Brittingham, Kaylee Lehne, Marcia Esposito, Itzel Aguilar, Katherine Heisler, Rebecca Pepper, Audrey Winner, Delaney Long, Grace Sweeten, Sarah Short , Bill Warrell, Cherylyn Minto, Nole Beam, William Monaghan, Christa Parsons, Emmalee Hanlin, Logan Robson, Ava Rodriguez, Brody Bayless, Elise Russo-Kucek, Amelia Kennedy, Ashlyn Berlinger, Mal Meehan, Kim Duko, Amy Beitzel, Gabe Blackwood, Peyton Tootle, Ted Hart, Isabelle Osborne, Madison Capece, Xava Manall, Michael Johnson and Allen Sangree. Many thanks too to the staff of the Town of Milton, the Delaware Division of the Arts, Wyoming Millwork, Broadkill Store and Zava Café.

Barry Goodinson
Milton Economic Development Committee
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