Milton Arts Guild to host mandala class online April 24

April 18, 2020

Milton Arts Guild will host a mandala class with Debra Wolford-Riser from 2 to 4 p.m., Friday, April 24, via the Zoom online meeting platform.

Participants will learn about the history and magic of mandalas. These mesmerizing circles are perfect for creating calm in the midst of the upheaval everyone is going through now.

Each attendee will create at least three freehand mandalas: one for play, one for a magical purpose of one’s choice and another just for fun. This is an enjoyable, relaxed class with few rules taught by an engaging instructor. Class fee is $8.

Participants will need regular and/or colored pencils, fine-tip markers, about six pieces of heavyweight paper such as card stock or watercolor paper, or regular paper with no lines.

Something to make circles will also be needed. Those who don’t have a compass can grab cans out of the pantry, jar lids, glasses or anything circular to draw around.

Wolford-Riser, a Milton Arts Guild member, is a freehand and sacred geometry mandala artist. Her first freehand mandala, created in 2008, served as a road map to help her transform her life. Since then, she has personally used mandalas in a variety of ways to manifest, heal, gain clarity, relax and plain old doodle. Professionally, Wolford-Riser uses mandalas as a form of art therapy to enhance well-being. An experienced and engaging presenter, she enjoys teaching others how to tap into the magic of mandalas to enhance well-being, explore creativity in new ways, and simply have fun. 

Prior to class, participants should download the free Zoom program on their computers, phones or tablets at

For more information, to register and pay, go to

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