Milton CHEER to host Prime Hook lecture on Delmarva insects Oct. 9

Reminder: bugs are vital to ecosystem
October 6, 2018

Dennis Bartow, senior naturalist for the Center for the Inland Bays, has an enthusiasm for learning about insects that has spanned 50 years. Bartow will share his stories, experiences, and some of his extensive collections of insects of Delmarva and Pennsylvania at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 9, at Milton CHEER Center, 24855 Broadkill Road. No live insects will be present.

In addition to insect identification, Bartow will touch on such topics as pollination, invasives, and mimicry (species whose appearance mimics that of another insect). His specimens will allow attendees to compare the size of insects found in the area with some of the same species that live in tropical zones.

Bartow reminds people that insects are not only fascinating, but are vital to the ecosystem. Besides pollinating fruits and vegetables, insects are the sole food source for many birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles; they keep pest populations of other insects and plants under control; and they serve as decomposers of waste such as dead animal and plant materials. In Delaware alone, nearly 600 species of insects can be found. Bartow is eager to introduce attendees to some of his favorites.

This is the final Evening at the Hook program for the 2018 series. Lectures will resume in February 2019, and will continue to take place on the second Tuesday of each month. These events are open to the public with no reservations required. For more information, call Prime Hook Refuge at 302-684-8419.