Milton council agrees to hire 10th police officer

Council hears six-month budget review
May 26, 2022

Milton Town Council has agreed to hire a 10th police officer as part of the town’s six-month budget review.

Prior to the fiscal year 2022 budget being developed, Chief Derrick Harvey requested two additional police officers to bring the force from eight to 10. 

“The additional two officers are fundamental for our department to help create and implement a safer and a better systematic approach to serving our community,” Harvey wrote in a letter to council. “The additional officers will assist in building the health, safety and trust, as well as providing protection to our community, businesses, schools and visitors.”

The town hired and swore in its ninth officer in April.

In a May 2 report to the town council, Town Manager Kristy Rogers said at the six-month mark of the fiscal year, each department is performing within its budget. Among adjustments within the budget are increasing the amount of realty transfer tax revenue from $310,000 to $392,000 to account for operational expenses. Rogers said this change reflects an increase in revenue already experienced this year, not money taken from the town’s reserves. 

The biggest adjustment is in legal fees, where the town has increased the budget from $40,000 to $102,000, which Rogers said was due to having to hire outside counsel to handle an administrative appeal and to argue on the town’s behalf in a legal action against Artesian regarding the future of the town’s wastewater treatment plant. 

The largest decrease in the budget was striking $40,000 earmarked for repairs and maintenance work on town hall that will not occur in fiscal year 2022 as planned. 


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