More work needed to fix Delaware’s trash problem

February 28, 2023

We would like to thank you for your editorial piece on our trash problems in Delaware. Thank you for your eye-opening facts and stats on how much trash is on the roads and how much has been picked up. I have lived in Sussex County for 10 years and I have been trying to get the trash issues addressed the entire time. I have spoken to the governor's office, local media, prior state legislators, DelDOT, DNREC and the Adopt-A-Road/Highway program. I have called and reported trash dumping numerous times, to include Hollyville Road and in the grassy median on Route 1 from Milton to Five Points. I am happy we have a Keep Delaware Litter Free program, but more action is needed to hold the dumpers accountable. We need to have higher fines and sentenced community service to pick up trash for those who are caught dumping. We also need laws that make it a crime to drive with uncovered cabs or trailers. Our neighbor Virginia has such a law and their roads are a lot cleaner than Delaware's roads.

My partner and I did our part Feb. 20 and picked up trash on the grassy median from Best Lane to Red Mill Manor Road. We picked up two bags of trash to include a lot of crushed styrofoam, plastic bottles, cans, food wrappers, cigarette wrappers, lighters, work gloves, sponges and a car bumper. I would like to ask that when possible, prior to cutting the grass in the median, we have the trash picked up to prevent the trash being cut up into small pieces.

I believe the trash problem is a public health/environmental issue. Eventually the trash makes its way into our waterways, affecting and potentially causing disease to wildlife and humans. We will continue to do our part twice a month and pick up the trash on the grassy median on Route 1 from Cave Neck Road to the Nassau Bridge. 

Patty D'Angelo and Billy Lemon


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