Name change doesn’t stop fun

Bras for Support celebrates 10th year, has raised over $157,000
July 2, 2019

Story Location:
136 Dagsworthy Avenue
Dewey Beach  Delaware  19971
United States

It may have been Bras for Support instead of Bras for a Cause, but the fun atmosphere was still the same the 10th annual party June 12. The event took place at Ivy in Dewey Beach, and funds raised benefit the Women’s Council of Realtors, the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and the Beebe Medical Foundation.

Connie Holdridge, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition program director Sussex County, said it would be a while before the final amounts where tallied for this year, but she said the event has donated over $157,000 to the coalition and medical foundation.

The model who received the most tips was A.J. Tazelaar, who was dressed as the Fresh Prince of Dooley and was sponsored by the Rusty Rudder. Tazelaar was tipped $969. The model who received the top auction price was Chris Kinsler, who was dressed as Run “DD” MC and was sponsored by the Law Offices of Scott and Shuman. Kinsler’s bra was auctioned for $3,000.

Holdridge said the event name was changed because someone trademarked Bras for a Cause and told local event organizers to stop using it.


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