New road signs confuse drivers in Dewey

Schwartzkopf: signs look terrible
September 21, 2018

A slew of new road signs on both sides of Route 1 and on personal property in Dewey is confusing drivers. At least 20 signs were installed, apparently intended to warn drivers not to travel in the wrong direction.

In one case, a Do Not Enter sign is posted next to a sign welcoming Dewey visitors in front of a business. Another Do Not Enter sign is posted on private property, where its installation damaged the property owner’s sidewalk.

Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth, said the signs were put up by a contractor hired by Delaware Department of Transportation’s sign department. “The signs look terrible and are definitely overkill,” he said. “I have already contacted DelDOT and they are going to look at them again. I have reassurances that some will be removed. I will be meeting with them in the near future to discuss taking some of them down.”

Dewey Town Manager Scott Koenig said he did not recall getting an installation notice for the signs. “I have a meeting with DelDOT regarding the new signs next Friday,” Koenig said. “They indicated these signs are part of a statewide improvement related to a prior fatality in Frankford. Rather than address only one location in the state, DelDOT decided to address all of the locations meeting a certain criteria.”