Ninth annual Peace March held

August 11, 2017

The Ninth Annual Peace March was held Aug. 4, commemorating the life of Coley “Pete” Marchtmon. Marchtmon, of West Rehoboth, was killed in an attack in Burton Village nine years ago. Every year since the attack, Marchtmon’s mother, Eleanor Whaley, has held a Peace Walk, always on Aug. 4. Every year the Peace March draws fewer people. Next year will be the 10th year and Whaley is seeking to making the Peace March special. She would like to erect a peace flag for both communities. But she sees that the Peace March gets smaller each year and is wondering if she will continue. 

Gathered at Burton Village, Whaley talked to the walkers. She spoke of the forgiveness she has had about the attack and the death of her son. Whaley said, “It still hurts. It is still hard to accept. But only by the grace of God that I stand here tonight, to be able to do this with you all standing here to support me. You don’t know how much it means just to see you, just a handful, it doesn’t matter. I realize that violence is a spirit of evil. It’s a spirit there that’s working to try to get us divided. And that’s what I don't want West Rehoboth and Burton Village to be.”