Nothing’s going right for the Eagles

December 22, 2023

On Monday Night football, the Eagles lost a very tight game against the Seattle Seahawks by the score of 20-17. This was clearly their best game in three weeks, but they just couldn’t close it out on offense. They got off to a great start scoring on the first drive for the first time since week nine, five the games ago. Jalen Hurts came into the game pretty sick from flu-like symptoms. I think they should’ve let Marcus Mariota play this game, because by the fourth quarter, Jalen was completely exhausted. If it wasn’t for a very picky call against Jason Kelce for a false start, the Eagles would’ve had a 14-0 lead late in the first half instead of 10-0. 

For some reason the offense did not do anything positive in the second half. This made it easy for the Seahawks to stay in the game. Again, the defensive line did not pressure the Seahawks backup quarterback Drew Lock enough in the game to have a positive impact. With one minute fifty two seconds left in the game, the Seahawks traveled 90 yards in order to take the lead and unfortunately they were able to do that because of three great catches by the wide receivers to go on and win the game.

The other unfortunate result of this loss was even though the Buffalo Bills were able to beat the Cowboys handily last Sunday, the Eagles were not able to take control of the division lead. This week, the Eagles play the struggling 5-9 New York Giants and the Cowboys play the 10-4 Miami Dolphins. Hopefully the Eagles can get Hurts healthy and the Dolphins help them out too in the Eagles quest for a second straight division title. There's a lot of work to be done and I hope they step up to the challenge.

The 76ers are continuing to play very good basketball. I don’t know if they can maintain this level for the whole game season, but if they can they are definitely capable of winning their first NBA championship in 40 years! Joel Embiid continues to put up incredible numbers, including Wednesday night's game against the surprising first place Western Conference Minnesota Timberwolves, where Embiid scored 51 points. His sidekick, Tyrese Maxey scored 35 points. Over the last eight games, the Sixers have gone 7-1. If Joel can continue this incredible level of play, he will definitely be one of the favorites to win his second consecutive MVP of the league. The only thing that scares me is the fact that he plays with reckless abandon and is falling hard all the time like he's playing football.

The only team in the Eastern conference that seems to have the Sixers number are the Boston Celtics who are in first place. Tyrese Maxey should definitely get his first All-Star game appearance in February IF he stays healthy.

Happy holidays to everyone!

  • A 2002 Cape grad and 2007 UD grad, Lewes resident Sumner Spence is one of the Cape area's biggest sports fans. Although he’s used a wheelchair his entire life, he has lived vicariously through his sports-playing father, brother, and friends, who gave him his love of sports. He hopes to provide new and interesting perspectives on the sports stories and issues of the day. Email Sumner at

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