A novel idea gone viral: Fall sports return by autumnal equinox

Sports are more different than they are alike
September 4, 2020

Hope is a hoop to jump through in Delaware when it comes to reauthorizing playing high school fall sports by the time the equinox settles over the equator. 

The governor gave the green light Sept. 1 for football to be played this fall, but cautious coaches are looking both ways before rolling into that intersection while keeping their foot on the brake. 

This is a European model of a roundabout with the steering wheel on the wrong side. Everything is backward. 

There is the dreaded word “revisit,” which was likely invented somewhere in an education class. Now Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association, Department of Education, Division of Public Health, and chief school officers and school boards must all give a collective affirmative thumbs-up to the concept of fall sports. 

The athletes themselves don’t need to be on the track to know when they are getting the runaround. Actually, it’s more like running on a trail past a keep out sign just to see what adventures await down the unbeaten path. 

The Lone Ranger concept where everyone including players wears a mask at all times is unworkable and ludicrous – just not doable. Biology 101: breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. It’s as easy as breathing; oh wait, it is breathing. 

There is the inside joke at Cape that along the fence of a Friday night football game, a field hockey conversation may break out. Is there a linkage between the two sports? The non-academic answer is there is none; therefore, restrictions placed on one sport should have nothing to do with the other. That is not a popular position because the sport of football needs field hockey, soccer, cross country and volleyball to pull it across the starting line. 

Rocking the Captain Safety card, these athletes are now a traveling hard rock band with the blues in search of games and a place to play. It is actually more prudent to keep them close to home and allow them to represent their schools.


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