Ocean View canine’s antics published in ‘Finn Chronicles’

October 3, 2020

Ocean View resident Gwen Romack has published the second “Finn Chronicles” book of adventures as reported by Finn, her irreverent, funny and sassy Vizsla.

Avid dog lovers and rescue volunteers, Romack and her husband Evan agreed to foster Finn a year after losing their beloved Vizsla/Pit mix, Mr. Snuggles, at age 14.

Finn was a tough case because he was orphaned so young, and his time on the streets left him with some behavior challenges. The Romacks took him in, planning to rehab the behavior and send him to a great home.

Romack began posting Finn's weekly updates, in his voice, on Facebook as a way to help prospective adopters fall in love with him. But it quickly became clear that the Romacks would become foster fails, and Finn was already home.

The posts became so popular in the Vizsla community that Romack kept going. Vizsla and Beagle lovers around the world look forward to her weekly posts.

After years of people encouraging her to publish these as a book, she decided to use her downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to make it happen. Book one is his first year of weekly reports with select pictures and links to videos on YouTube. His second year’s antics are covered in the new book. Romack said, “I hope to continue as long as he’s still a riot!”

Both books profile local businesses, and showcase adventures on local trails and beaches.

Romack said, “The book has been wildly popular with ages 9-15 even though it wasn’t written for kids, really. Adults are the primary audience, but so many moms have contacted me about how this book captured their child’s attention and got them reading.”

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