Oceanside Elite offers vehicle cleaning for Beebe staff and police

May 22, 2020

To show gratitude to Beebe Healthcare staff as well as police officers, Oceanside Elite Cleaning has teamed with Germ Defense Delaware to offer complimentary, hospital-grade electrostatic disinfection and germ deterrent to frontline workers’ personal and professional vehicles.

Oceanside Elite Cleaning co-owners Noreen and Greg Kushner recall going to Beebe March 8, 2017.

Greg thought he only had indigestion, but when he said his arms were feeling heavy, he was seen immediately and hooked up for an EKG. Within 30 seconds, emergency and cardiac response team members including Dr. Ehtasham Qureshi came into the room. Qureshi told Greg he was having a heart attack, and he was raced to the cath lab. The artery known as the widowmaker was 100 percent blocked. If he had not been at the hospital, he would have died. Qureshi saved Kushner’s life. Stents were put in place until open heart surgery could be performed.

Greg had bypass surgery March 10, performed by Dr. Mwazhuwa Kuretu and assisted by Brian McCarthy, PA-C.

Kuretu took the time to explain the surgery in detail to Noreen, and he and McCarthy and the team of nurses in cardiac care spoke with her every day. Greg went home five days after his surgery.

The Kushners said they would recommend Beebe to anyone who needs it. They are thankful to Beebe for saving Greg’s life, and for all that Beebe team members are doing to keep the entire community heathy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Beebe team members and police officers who wish to schedule vehicle disinfection can call 302-526-4400 or email for more information.


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