One-man protester on mask-wearing mission

Charles Mead-e files complaints against Georgetown and Sussex County
July 14, 2020

In the ongoing debate over wearing or not wearing face coverings, Charles Mead-e of Georgetown is not shy to say what side he's on.

In fact, Mead-e has filed complaints with the Delaware Department of Justice against Sussex County and the Town of Georgetown for not enforcing the wearing of face coverings.

Unfortunately, he said, he's had no contact from the office, and that's why he held a one-man protest July 13 in in downtown Georgetown.

Mead-e said he was outraged when he saw a photograph of Sussex County Councilman Sam Wilson, R-Georgetown, not wearing a face mask during a June 30 meeting. “If he has a medical condition, that's one thing, but if he's just trying to be defiant, he should not be allowed in the building,” he said. “Other things, such as a Zoom, can be used for him to participate.”

Wilson, who wore a face mask during the July 14 meeting, said recent heart surgery makes it hard for him to breathe when wearing a mask.

Mead-e added that it's hard to understand how anyone should be permitted in the county administration building without a mask on.

In addition, Mead-e said, Town of Georgetown officials are not enforcing face coverings and social distancing at its Thursday night summer concert series on the grounds of the Nutter Marvel Museum. “This is a government-sponsored event, and the majority of people are not wearing masks,” he said.

Mead-e, who is a registered nurse, said when the Delaware State Fair opens Thursday, July 23, only people wearing face masks will be permitted on the grounds. “Georgetown should do the same thing. No mask and you don't come in,” he said.

Although Mead-e has filed complaints and called the Delaware Department of Justice office in downtown Georgetown, he's had no phone call back. “They are not returning calls. They won't even tell me what the process is and whether I have to fill out some type of form,” he said.

“I understand that people have the right not to wear a mask, but they do not have the right to spread the virus and possibly kill somebody,” he said. “I read that over the next three months, by simply wearing a mask, there will be 30,000 fewer deaths in this country. Shutting everything down is not the answer, because we have to learn to live with this, and that means wearing masks.”




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