Own the Night exhibit at Gallery One to run through Nov. 2

September 24, 2021

Gallery One in Ocean View announced its Own the Night exhibit is open to the public through Tuesday, Nov. 2.

The illumination of night sounds like a contradiction, but the phrase is beautifully illustrated this month at Gallery One. From the lights to the sounds to the mysterious feel, nighttime has a special type of magic to it, fitting for a month that ends with Halloween. Gallery One’s night paintings feature the beautiful essence of this time period and depict it in a variety of settings.

“Night Owl,” Joyce Condry’s acrylic with collage painting, represents the creatures that own the night. They include the fox that ventures from its den, the raccoons raiding the bird feeders and garbage cans, and the male deer that send females and young out during the day to forage for them, but the most noted of the group is the owl. “Even people are named for them – students who cram for exams, partiers who close the bars, or the poor insomniacs who’d rather be sleeping,” said Condry.  

In his poem, “Night,” William Blake wrote, “The moon, like a flower, in heaven’s high bower, with silent delight sits and smiles on the night.” The atmospheric glow of the coming night is manifested exquisitely in Michelle Marshall’s acrylic painting, “Almost Night.” The ocean peacefully reflects the orange glow of the fading sky and the sea birds heading home for the night.

In Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, “Fall Flight,” the light of the moon shows the delightful formations of geese as they travel together on their yearly migration.

Horseshoe crabs, a local treasure, are nocturnal, waiting for night to fall before heading out to feed and to lay their eggs. Artist Dale Sheldon’s “Horseshoe Crab Count” illustrates this ritual beautifully. “Every spring, the Center for Inland Bays organizes a horseshoe crab count at local sites along the Rehoboth Bay. Volunteers meet at the evening high tide during both the full moon and the new moon in May and June, and count the crabs that are gathering at the edge of the water,” said Sheldon.

The beautiful fishing village of Vernazza in Italy's Cinqueterre region can be overwhelmed by tourists during the day, but in the evening it comes alive with magical lights and colors. “Vernazza at Night,” a pastel by artist Laura Hickman, is illuminated with a magnificent atmospheric glow that makes the blues and oranges vibrate with life.

Always staffed by an artist, Gallery One is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day at 32 Atlantic Ave., Route 26, in Ocean View.

For more information, call 302-537-5055, email or go to


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