Pandemic observations and lessons

June 18, 2021

It feels like we’re easing out of the pandemic. We hope and pray that we are. It has been the most disruptive event of our lives. Its impacts, waves and ripples continue to roll over us in a dizzying fashion while we try to regain our balance and get a feel for what aspects of the old normal are still holding on while new aspects of normal take root.

The economic and emotional scars forced on us by the invisible virus will long be with us. We can remember them and continue to deal with them and take whatever lessons make sense as, in the human way, we move on and look ahead.

The internet has enabled distance-learning models that have shown new paths forward in the midst of our traditional education structures. School districts such as Cape Henlopen have embraced new technologies and used strong doses of common sense to keep moving forward, successfully, despite the challenges. All of that will be important in the months ahead as districts and all other employers continue to deal with staffing challenges.

How will we innovate and how well will we collaborate – live and virtually – to share beneficial innovations?

We have learned the strength and importance of our churches and service organizations – people working cooperatively – to help care for those less fortunate. That has been beneficial for givers and receivers.

We have learned washing our hands and wearing masks in crowded situations can help keep us healthy. Some will choose to continue masking, washing hands and social distancing to stay healthy; some in addition to vaccinations, others instead of vaccinations. Still others choose to throw their lot in with Charles Darwin, assuming that the strong will survive no matter what. The question in that scenario, of course, is what in the long run constitutes strength?

Our final observations take in the amazing work done by healthcare providers in the face of this unprecedented pandemic, and the strong and steady displays of well-earned gratitude shown to them. They’re a credit to all of us.


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