Paul Kares donates $2,500 to musician’s family after tragic accident

Funds will help Sol Knopf’s son and daughter-in-law pay expenses
February 11, 2024

In June 2023, the band Year of the Knife’s van was involved in a major crash in Salt Lake City, Utah. All members experienced injuries. However, vocalist Madi Watkins went to the hospital in critical condition with head and spinal traumas, multiple fractures and two jaw breaks.

The accident’s impact has been felt in coastal Delaware, where her father-in-law, popular local musician Sol Knopf, lives. Knopf’s son Brandon is also in the band.

Lewes-based Paul Kares gave Knopf a check Jan. 27 for $2,500 toward Watkins’ care.

Jim Rivette, president of the nonprofit, presented the donation before s capacity crowd in The Room at Cedar Grove near Lewes, where Knopf performed with Ultimate Diamond, a Neil Diamond tribute.

“Madi is getting better, but the rehabilitation will take many months,” Rivette said. “Paul Kares considers Sol a member of the Paul Kares family, and on behalf of the entire Paul Kares team, this donation is to bring music back to Madi and help her get well.”

Rivette and musician-chef Paul Cullen founded Paul Kares to support young musicians and culinary artists.

“We are so grateful to Paul and his team for the generous donation to Madi and Brandon,” Knopf said. “As Madi continues rehabilitation after their terrible accident, they’ve been unable to work. This support will help pay monthly bills. Much love and thanks!”

Proceeds from events at The Room at Cedar Grove support Paul Kares. For more information and a grant application, go to

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