Plans unveiled for Black Hog Village

Commercial center geared as launch point for Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail
July 2, 2019

One of the developers of Black Hog Village says the commercial center will capitalize on its proximity to the new Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail.

The 5-acre parcel along New Road near the intersection of Nassau Road has two access points to the trail. He said the Village will become a launch point for the trail.

“The only reason we are doing this is because there is insufficient area for parking and access to the trail,” said Hal Dukes, an owner of the parcel. “We are planning for people to park there and to bike and also to shop, eat and drink.”

His partners in the project are Sean and Darin McMahon, owners of Activ Pest Solutions. Under the plan, the existing Activ Pest Solutions building will be torn down and will be relocated to another area on the parcel, Dukes said.

Included on the preliminary site plan, already approved by Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission, are six buildings averaging 3,700 square feet each with 114 parking spaces for a total of more than 22,000 square feet of commercial space.

Dukes said it's too early in the process to name specific businesses, but they envision a bike shop, ice cream shop and a food venue among other businesses on the property. He said the design of the buildings will be unique with one resembling an old railroad station and others resembling a grain elevator and barn.

“Hopefully, this is something everyone can enjoy,” he said.

Dukes said, pending permit approvals, he and his partners anticipate some construction to be completed by next summer. The project takes it names from Black Hog Gut, a nearby stream, wetlands area.


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