Plant Wisdom Within to host safe and effective detox class Oct. 24

October 18, 2018

Plant Wisdom Within Herbal Medicine & Holistic Nutrition will host a class on Detox – Safe and Effective Practices, from 6 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 24, at Lanikai Wellness Studio in Milton.

Many people are concerned about how many harmful substances their bodies are asked to process in this modern life. Some might be feeling a little tired, sluggish and off. There are as many reasons people might want to help their bodies detoxify as there are detox diets on the market. Unfortunately, a number of theses diets can cause more harm than good, and are best avoided. No matter how people come to be feeling a little toxic, there are always steps they can take; they just have to know how to do so safely.

This class will cover why some detox protocols may be harmful and how to tell what’s right for a particular person. Attendees can join instructor Joan Tylecki Greeley to learn the processes and pathways the body uses to detoxify the foreign substances and byproducts it encounters. She’ll share safe, practical courses of action plus information about foods and herbs people can use to detoxify their bodies and their lives. 

Joan Tylecki Greeley, MS, CNS, LDN, is a nationally CBNS-certified, State of Delaware-licensed nutritionist, clinical herbalist. A Sussex County native, she holds a master of science degree in herbal medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health. This three-year, 85-credit program covers extensive ground in physiology, phytochemistry, pharmacology, nutritional biochemistry, herbal therapeutics and advanced healing arts, including thousands of supervised hours practicing in the MUIH wellness clinic. Extensive training in both scientific research and traditional uses of plants and foods inform her recommendations on appropriate use of herbs and nourishment. Greeley enjoys co-creating individualized practices to help clients find greater ease and comfort in their bodies at Plant Wisdom Within, her clinical practice, apothecary, and teaching gardens in Lewes. She currently provides one-on-one holistic nutritional counseling and community wellness education services in Lewes.

Plant Wisdom Within is a clinical herbalism and holistic nutrition practice in Lewes offering clients creative solutions for their wellness concerns, including custom-blended herbal formulas, dietary recommendations, health coaching and unique handcrafted herbal products. To learn more about the deep heart-centered work Greeley does, go to To become a patron of her work to create access to herbally inspired wellness info for everybody, go to

She engages the sacred feminine, wild irreverence, deep listening, custom herbal formulations, whole foods nourishment, research, and hard science to help folks trust their embodied wisdom and make deeper connections with the wider world.

Cost for the class is $35 per person. Advance ticket purchase is required. To register and purchase tickets, visit or

Located at 16394 Samuel Paynter Blvd. in Milton, Lanikai Wellness Studio is a loving space for those seeking relief from pain, grief, trauma or everyday stress. Services include massage therapy, reiki, bodywork, shamanic healing, crystal therapy, yoga and meditation, aromatherapy and community education classes.

For more information, email or, or call 302-643-2364.


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