Point 2 Point Run for Economics from Gordons Pond to the Wheelhouse

June 4, 2019

Several to most Seashore Striders rode the Jolly Trolley or Berkshire Hathaway short bus to Gordons Pond early June 2 for the 10th annual Run for Economics Point 2 Point 6.41-mile run.

Logistics were a big part of the backdrop for the event, as a subset of the 80 runners drove to Gordons Pond for the start of the race that finished at the Wheelhouse Restaurant in Lewes. Afterward, all the resourceful runners found rides back to their cars.

Jeff Young won his second Striders event of the weekend in a time of 37:52. He was followed by Martin Rodriguez in 38:24, Trent Sewell in 39:22, Steven Eshelman in 42:40 and Paul Montini in 42:41.

The top five women were Lyndsay Ranneberger in 45:42, Olivia Montini in 46:44, Faith Mitchell in 47:19, Paula Pels in 47:26 and Mardiny Ung in 49:22.

The race was a combination of trails and roads, and each runner with a GPS watch knows the distance down to the decimal point.

Pels, 51, was the female masters winner in 47:26, while Paul Montini captured the male masters in 42:41.

Bennet Brumbley, 11, had a good run, winning the 10-13 age group in 47:16.

Rick Poppleton, 66, ran away with the 65-69 age group in 49:42.

“Everyone who ran established a personal record because we never ran that distance before,” said Race Director Tim Bamforth.

The next Seashore Striders event is the 16th annual DFRC Blue-Gold All-Star 5K Saturday, June 8. Race start is 8 a.m. at Irish Eyes in Lewes.