Pole Family is victim of car crash

Nothing left but debris and small memorial of iconic Route 9 roadside attraction
October 5, 2020

An unknown driver has wiped out the Route 9 Pole Family, a roadside attraction with a large following throughout the area.

According to a witness, the crash happened around 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 4. The driver apparently swerved off the eastbound lane of Route 9, crossed the shoulder and hit the pole where the mannequins have resided for several years. A Delaware State Police spokeswoman said not many details about the incident are available except that it was one car-crash and there were no injuries, unless you consider the Pole Family. Another witness said the car was towed away by Coastal Towing.

Located across from the Vineyards at Nassau Valley community west of Lewes, the Pole Family had become a local social media sensation. They were named George and Millie, and it was a mystery who changed the attire of the family – which at times included baby Pat – for the season.

For several years, the pole was adorned with an ever-changing hat, sunglasses and an orange worker’s vest. Sometimes it had jeans and sneakers. About three years ago, someone attached a female mannequin head to the pole and started dressing it in women’s clothes. Not long after, another character at their feet was added and dressed in children’s clothing; a stuffed animal dog was also added.

The family was attached to an old load coil in a load pot pole used to to amplify a landline telephone signal when there is a long distance involved, said Verizon Communications retiree and Sussex County historian Jim Bowden of Georgetown.

Close friend speaks for family

Sam Sonnett sent the following to Ron MacArthur and the Cape Gazette:

I am a close friend of Grandpa Pole – G-POPs as we call him. He asked me to send this along as he is not to up on computers and such. And also because as you would guess he is in deep mourning.

G-POPs just wanted to thank you and the Cape Gazette for your support over the years. It has been greatly appreciated.

Of course we are all saddened by the loss of George and Millie, but they did have a pretty good run didn't they. All they really wanted was to have people slow down a little and put a smile on some faces. I think they did that.

As some have noted G-POP's grandchild Pat has not been around for awhile. I am happy to report that Pat is away at school (pole climbing school for AT&T) and doing fine in light of the circumstances.

Thanks again for your support.


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