Praise for DelDOT’s major solution

October 18, 2019

For the past 10 years, the stretch of Route 1 between Five Points and Red Mill Pond has been one of the worst in all of Delaware in terms of congestion and safety. According to DelDOT statistics, that stretch has accounted for no fewer than 200 crashes. In addition to those crashes, it’s impossible to estimate – but it’s high – the number of near crashes, elevated heart rates and road rage incidents caused by confusion from traffic jackrabbiting its way across multiple crossovers along the Cape Region’s main highway.

The problems are major, and DelDOT has now proposed a major solution. Hallelujah! 

Yes, there will be significant disruption, and locals will have to find new ways to get to the businesses they have come to love on Route 1 north of the Nassau Bridge. But when people realize they can make their way to those businesses without risking their lives in the conflicting traffic patterns, the volume of business experienced by those affected may actually increase.

When the estimated $32 million project is completed by 2025, this major solution will result in the elimination of nine crossovers - including the worst of them at the eastern base of Nassau Bridge, the addition of two significant new service roads for the businesses and residential communities in the vicinity, and at least four roundabouts to keep traffic moving in and around Nassau and the Five Points area.

Combined with the $20 million in improvements planned for the Plantation Road, Beaver Dam Road and Route 9 intersection, where one of those roundabouts will be located, the work should improve safety and reduce stress, especially for local traffic in this rapidly developing area.

DelDOT, in concert with local officials, has for many years been picking away at traffic problems in our area with minor improvements which have undoubtedly helped, but now they’ve reached their limit. It’s time for the major moves DelDOT is planning, and these projects deserve our support.

The only thing we would like to see different is for all of this to happen sooner.



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